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For the Record

America gets it wrong again.

For a second year in a row, America does not understand what American Idol is really about. The show has been sucking beyond recognition this year and has failed to capture my attention with the subpar contestants, aside from Melinda Dolittle, and the B-list celebs teaching the master classes every week.

Last year, they picked McPhee and Sir Hicks-a-lot over Elliot Yamin, clearly the more talented vocalist out of the bunch.

And this year, it happens again. Blake and Jordin are left to duke it out in the final and Melinda is sent home.

Luckily, the second and third place contestants typically get better record deals than the winner who (aside from obvious marketing fame and wads of cash) gets locked into an unbreakable contract and basically sells their soul to Idol for the rest of his/her life. So, go Melinda! You'll have more artistic control than the rest will and people will actually buy your album because you have a flawless technique.

But wow, America never ceases to surprise me with the stupidity.