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Personal music news

Good news!

I am going to the MidPoint Music Festival (Sept 20-23). Since I'm a musician, I got a FREE full delegate pass with access for free admission to see all 300 bands and attend all the conferences and panels. ROCK. They also have a open demo critique, so I can bring along the remastered versions of a couple of my tracks to be critiqued, which would be extremely helpful. I'm getting business cards made up in time for the festival too. I wish I had my EP done, so I could whore it out to industry professionals, but it's not done yet... Anyhow, I think this will be a decent way to break-in to the scene, get a lot of networking done, and be on good footing to submit my material for next year's festival.

Some of my myspace contacts will be there, so at least I can meet up with them and hopefully get some face time about either collaborating or doing double-bill performances once I have at least an hour of music ready to go. I am super excited about meeting up with the Cincy band Entheos and talk promo, publicity, booking, and of course MUSIC, etc. which I am REALLY looking forward to!

Next step: find cheap (but professional looking) web design for my music website.
Then such fun things such as the photo shoot, graphic design, and studio recording can happen. Time is flying.