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I know I've been lax in updating this blog, but I've come across some comical things over the past couple of days.

First, Belinda Carlisle, the middle aged Go-Go, of 1980s pop fame, has reinvented herself as a French chanteuse. Yes, that's right. She just released a new album in FRENCH, Voila!. Her disco-esque reinterpretation of Piaf's "La vie en rose" is scoff-worthy; however, some of these tracks are pretty fantastic. It probably helps that Brian Eno is one of her collaborators. I particularly like the track "Contact." I may have to check out the whole album now...but you can preview a few of the tracks on her MySpace page.

Whitney sent me a link to this video on YouTube, which as a music historian, I found pretty amusing:

On a more serious note, Delerium has a new album out which seems to have some fantastic tracks. I've also reacquainted myself with two albums from 1996: Me'Shell NdegeOcello's Bitter and Dar Williams's Mortal City, both of which have held up over the decade quite nicely. In other news, I can't seem to get enough of Dave Brubeck these days. I'm not a hardcore jazzophile as it were, but Brubeck never ceases to excite me.

I am currently working as a nanny and the 11 week old infant in my care LOVES Puccini. LOVES IT! She especially loves when I sustain high notes that crescendo and release into a glissando. Watching her facial expressions while I am singing is priceless. I am the voice of her Lamaze bug "Guiseppe" as I've named who sings Italian opera, and her Lamaze frog "Claude" who sings in French, and her German pilot "Franz" who hangs over the changing table. Franz usually just holds long conversations in German, but occasionally breaks out into some lieder. It looks like we need to get her some female companions as well...maybe a nice Irish woman and a jazz singer. :)