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Tori Amos news

I am way too excited about this.

Amazon doesn't give all of the info (you can find out more on http://toriamos.com), but bet your sweet ass that I am getting this. Those of you who know me may describe me as slightly obsessed. It's true. Considering I own nearly everything the woman has recorded on CD, she's taken over about half the space on my iPod, and I've spent pretty much years of my life researching her music, societal impact, and cultural appeal...this really is a must-have. It's a five disc set with 86 tracks. The real reason I must own it is not because it has seven new tracks or that it has early demos of some of her more popular songs.

I am more excited because now I can now listen to some favorite early Tori gems such as "The Pool," "Flying Dutchman," "Take to the Sky," "Daisy Dead Petals," "Never Seen Blue," "Here. In My Head," "Sister Janet," and "Home on the Range" on CD! I have all these songs on a fuzzy cassette that is now about 12 years old. The fact that she is re-releasing all these old songs fills me with glee!

One month to go...whee!