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Regina Spektor videos

I downloaded Spektor's extended Begin to Hope album on iTunes this weekend and I cannot stop listening to it. Brilliant!

For your viewing/listening pleasure:

"Samson" Directed by stop-motion guru Peter Sluszka.

"Us" This one is still my favorite! Directed by Adria Petty.

"Better" Another one by Adria Petty. The 80s-inspired visuals are simple and fit the song well.

Here's the promo vid. for "On the Radio" filmed at the school her mom teaches at in Mt. Vernon, NY.

I went to college the same time as Spektor... She was at SUNY Purchase and I was at Manhattanville. It's strange we never bumped into each other. Purchase isn't THAT big! LOL. We probably would have become friends.



Jul. 4th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC)
I agree that there is a conscious effort to Tori-fy Regina Spektor in that particular video...

I have never seen her live, but I will have to look on YouTube, or see if she is playing anywhere in my area. I loved those videos and am going to look for her cds when I have the money. "Us" was great - the whole concept of the "stop animation" style was fun to watch.